Losing access to your home, office or vehicle is stressful! We address key calls every day and understand what you are dealing with; the good news is that we know how to fix it fast!

Resident Access: lost or misplaced home or office keys can be replaced; having another key to duplicate keeps this process much more affordable and faster. If no key is available to copy, we can gain access to your business or home and then Re-Key the locks to another key. We do a lot of Re-Keys on site; our mobile locksmith vans have all the necessary equipment, tools and parts to perform most access requests.

Vehicle Access: many people forget or misplace their car keys; a good option may be to have another key available. Chip keys can get expensive, so an additional chip key may not be a wise investment for some, but those with traditional metal keys it is very affordable. We have a variety of options to “hide a key” on your vehicle, home and office.

If you’ve been locked out of your car or truck, we are here to help. We have the experience in opening door locks; we’ll access your vehicle’s door quickly. In addition to quick service, having a recognized locksmith with you will keep unwanted attention away from you.

Providing access and securing structures is a major part of our business. Anchor Security & Locksmith is licensed, registered and certified; the local authorities recognize our brand, our vans and know our technicians. We embrace our law enforcement agents and welcome their presence.

Being locked out is less stressful when you call Anchor Security & Locksmith!