Commercial Rekey

Commercial Rekey Services

Rekeying a lock is often a wise and inexpensive choice for commercial property owners.

Advantages of Commercial Rekeying:

  • Access Control
  • Inexpensive vs. New Locks
  • Faster than Installing New Locks
  • Extremely Effective

Commercial rekeying is most requested when business owners or property owners have sold the property or management has changed or to provide access to all locks with a single key.

Removing the tumbler mechanism of a lock and rekeying it for a different key is done on-site. We schedule an appointment and arrive in one of our mobile locksmith vans (which are fully equipped with all tools and hardware needed) and rekey all designated locks within hours. Variables of labor include number and brand of locks.

Reasons to Rekey

  • New Renter
  • Disgruntled Employee
  • Ownership Change
  • Single Key Access
  • Lost Key
  • Break-In
  • Lease New Office
  • Change Vendors (Janitorial Service)

Rekeying commercial property can be less expensive than having to replace numerous locks. We configure our quote on: number of locks to be rekeyed, brand of locks and estimated labor time.

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