Doors and Locks


doors and locks


Being a locksmith also requires numerous skill sets that often go overlooked, such as a carpenter. There is a certain level of carpentry skills necessary in some situations we encounter; replacing doors is occasionally one of them. By no means are we seeking carpentry work, actually we much prefer to refer that to one of our colleagues.


There are numerous reasons to replace an interior or exterior door, regardless we are here to ensure the integrity and security of that door, especially the exterior ones. Older damaged doors are our most common call, typically for one of our realtor friends seeking to improve the value of some rental property.


New exterior doors will improve a home's value and apply greater curb appeal. When upgrading or replacing exterior doors, we keep several items in mind. From architectural style to interesting specifics like a knocker or ornamental glass, there are several methods to create a grand entrance from an existing doorway.


Locks are another aspect of the door. Replacing or rekeying locks is a major portion of our daily lives and we have tons of experience with every manufacturer of door locks. Often times new homeowners are seeking to renovate their home in small steps, a new door is an immediate improvement in aesthetics and security. The entrance door has an incredible array of styles and several material options:

  • Steel
  • Hand Carved Wood
  • Fiberglass


Regardless of the amenities, we can repair or replace your entrance door for whatever reason necessary. Our mobile locksmith units have all the tools and technology on hand to enable us to get the job done right and on time!